Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Cereal Murders by Diane Mott Davidson

Book Details
The Cereal Murders by Diane Mott Davidson
Paperback, 335 pages
1993, Bantam Books
ISBN: 0-553-56773-X
Series: Book 3 in the Goldy Schulz series

Thanks to her recent adventures in Dying for Chocolate, Goldy Bear, the premier caterer of Aspen Meadow, Colorado, is no stranger to violence--or sudden death.  But when she agrees to cater the first College Advisory Dinner for Seniors and Parents at the exclusive Elk Park Preparatory School, the last thing she expects to find at the end of the evening is the battered body of the school valedictorian.

Who could have killed Keith Andrews, and why?  Goldy's hungry for some answers--and not just because she found the corpse.  Her young son, Arch, a student at Elk Park Prep, has become a target for some not-so-funny pranks, while her eighteen-year-old live-in helper, Julian, has become a prime suspect in the Andrews boy's murder.

As her investigation intensifies, Goldy's anxiety level rises faster than homemade doughnuts. . .as she turns up evidence that suggests that Keith knew more than enough to blow the lid off some very unscholarly secrets.  And then, as her search rattles one skeleton too many, Goldy learns a crucial fact: a little knowledge about a killer can be a deadly thing.

I backtracked in this series to read the Cereal Murders, the 3rd book that I somehow missed. It was very good. I did not have any clue who the murderer was. I love when that happens. This book revolved around the stresses of senior year and the prep that comes from applying to college. I could relate to the students struggles and worries some (remembering way back when I was a senior) but not at the level these students were taking it to. Either the situation was exaggerated for the sake of novel or it's more of a public school (me) vs. prep school (book) difference. Either way it was interesting to see the situation from both the student and the parent perspective, plus murder too.


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