Sunday, November 15, 2009

Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong

Book Details
Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong
Paperback, 544 pages
2008, Bantam
ISBN: 0553588206
Series: Book 8 of Women of the Otherworld

Half chaos-craving demon, half-human tabloid reporter Hope Adams, who clandestinely works for a council of paranormal beings, goes undercover for the Cortez Cabal by infiltrating a gang of paranormals. She is soon joined in Miami by ex-lover Karl Marsten, a master thief and lone werewolf; Lucas Cortez, sorcerer heir to the Cortez Cabal; and Paige Winterbourne, the witches’ delegate to the council. Hope likes the young gang members, who run a nightclub and pull capers on the side. When two of the them are kidnapped, suspicions flare. A series of murders and an invasion into cabal CEO Benicio Cortez’s home leave Hope wondering which side is the right side to be on. As she fights her craving for the orgasmic thrill of chaos, the pace of events accelerates, turning this into a page-turning thriller.

The dynamics of Hope and Karl's relationship always bother me but I can't exactly put my finger on what I don't like about it. Aside from my personal distaste for the couple, Personal Demon was an exciting ride. Lucas and Paige are always fun and showing Lucas having to deal with his father was rather interesting. The story itself was awesome and if it had involved any character pairing other than Hope and Karl, this would be a five shot review. I absolutely love the Women of the Otherworld series and look forward to future books featuring some of the other (and in my opinion better) characters.


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