Saturday, December 19, 2009

Double Cross by James Patterson

Book Details
Double Cross by James Patterson
Paperback, 432 pages
2008, Vision
ISBN: 0446198986
Series: Book 13 of Alex Cross

Bestseller Patterson's 13th Alex Cross thriller (after 2006's Cross) pits the legendary profiler, now retired from law enforcement and working as a psychiatrist in private practice, against two serial killers. Kyle Craig, Cross's former colleague in the FBI (who was revealed to be the Mastermind, a particularly vicious and resourceful murderer, in 2001's Violets Are Blue), has managed to escape from a Colorado maximum-security prison and is steadily working his way through his list of those he holds responsible for his capture and incarceration. Cross, who heads the list, is drawn back into police work by his love interest, Maryland homicide detective Brianna Stone, who's been assigned to the task force focusing on the D.C. Audience Killer (or DCAK), who stages high-profile and sadistic murders to get the most public attention possible.

I liked Double Cross. The book was fast, entertaining and as gripping as always. Alex Cross's return to law enforcement was a good, if predicable move. How much crime solving could he really do as a mild-mannered therapist anyway? I'm not really liking his new lady love, Bree, but that's to be expected as Cross's taste in women has always been a bit sketchy. The return of Kyle Craig was a great reminder of the past and has huge potential. All-in-all Double Cross was a respectable Alex Cross novel, on par with other recent additions to the series.


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  1. I just realised this is a challenge your in that ends next August, hmmmm, might have to think about joining. Nice review.

  2. This looks great! Patterson has just been popping up everywhere and I am reading him and listening to him on audio. I havent read this one yet!