Monday, January 4, 2010

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Book Details
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Paperback, 640 pages
2009, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316027650
Series: Book 3 in the Twilight Saga

As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob–knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?

There was no reason for me to read this book after the horror that was New Moon. I detest Bella with every fiber of my being. Is it even possible to have a main character that is more weak and pathetic? I was treated to the pleasure of 600 pages of watching her ignore the many warnings from friends and family that her relationship with Edward was not healthy. Nothing else matters in the entire world to this girl because she loves some guy. No one could possibly understand their love, so all those warnings are just ignorant. Seriously? I could possibly understand if Edward showed one ounce of emotion toward her that wasn't a possessiveness that borders on dangerous. The Twilight series is sending an absolutely horrendous message to teenage girls. Becoming obsessed with the first boy who ever pays attention to you, dating that boy even though he's got "future wife-beater" stamped on his forehead and ultimately agreeing to forgo college and your living, breathing life just so you can marry him right out of high school (even though you don't really want to) and become a vampire (because you're going to be 19 soon and that's like ancient) are all things to strive for? And, my god, what was with all the begging for sex?

Crappy love story aside, Eclipse was oddly compelling. The werewolf-vampire interaction was decent and the vampire back stories were more interesting that expected. I have this strange need to read the next book even though I want to strangle Bella, Edward and Jacob for being so damned annoying. If Stephenie Meyer could focus her novels more on supernatural story lines and less on her bizarre ideas of what constitutes a good relationship, the books could quite possibly live up to all of the current undeserved hype.


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  1. You definitely need to read Breaking Dawn it gets even better...
    in the worst possible way.

  2. That was a great review! I agree with you about Bella being weak and pathetic. Personally, Eclipse is my favourite book in the Twilight Saga. I absolutely hated Breaking Dawn and New Moon.

  3. Lol!! I was laughing at this post, you made a good point and it was a great review. I do think that Twilight series does send a bad influence to younger kids, but it's the same with Media (t.v, magazines, ect). Sadly most people who read Twilight are young adults, adults, and young children.

    I found Eclipse ending to be dumb, and annoying. I didn't even read Breaking Dawn, I gave up. Twilight is one of those books that the series started off good with the first book and it just should of stayed that way. No second, third and fourths book.

  4. I don't remember what happens in this book and I read it less than a year ago. I remember what happens in books 1, 2 and 4 but for some reason my brain can't remember this one.

    Nice, honest review!

  5. Oddly enough, I understand what you're saying here. I was drawn to something about the story while at the same time recognizing how incredibly unhealthy Bella is as a role model. It's a love/hate thing I have going with Meyer.

  6. I couldn't agree more with your review of this book. Bella is mainly whiny and a very bad example for teenagers.

  7. I can't get into Bella either, and Edward would be ridiculously creepy even if he weren't a blood sucker. Ick! I read Twilight and saw no reason to go further.

  8. GREAT review. Hit the nail on the head