Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spotlight Series: Goldy Schulz Culinary Mysteries

Diane Mott Davidson's first book was published in 1990. 20 years and 15 books later, she is the most well known culinary mystery author.

The Goldy Schulz Culinary Mystery Series features Goldy, a caterer who somehow finds her way into one murder investigation after another. As the series progresses, Goldy goes from recently-divorced single mom with a small catering business to married to a cop mom with the largest catering business in her area. Each mystery effects someone Goldy is close to or someone from her past. Goldy is always there to save the day while serving up scrumptious food.

I like Goldy. She's managed to overcome a not-so-good past and is now living a life she's happy with. She's strong (usually), compassionate and believes that food is the best medicine for the soul. Once you get past the sheer amount of bodies one caterer comes across (a suspension of disbelief in this arena is pretty much required for enjoying any amateur sleuth series), you'll love her and her absolute loyalty and persistence.

Important Characters to Know
Gertrude "Goldy" Bear Schulz - Caterer and amateur sleuth.
Arch Korman - Goldy's school age son.
John Richard "The Jerk" Korman - Goldy's abusive doctor ex-husband, father to Arch.
Tom Schulz - Goldy's current husband and detective for the county sheriff's office.
Marla Korman - John Richard's rich second ex-wife and Goldy's best friend.
Julian Teller - Goldy's assistant and sometime boarder.

Goldy Schulz Culinary Mystery Series
(in reading order, links lead to my reviews)
  1. Catering to Nobody
  2. Dying for Chocolate
  3. The Cereal Murders
  4. The Last Suppers
  5. Killer Pancake
  6. The Main Corpse
  7. The Grilling Season
  8. Prime Cut
  9. Tough Cookie
  10. Sticks and Scones
  11. Chopping Spree
  12. Double Shot
  13. Dark Tort
  14. Sweet Revenge
  15. Fatally Flaky
  16. Crunch Time
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  2. Oh, thanks for sharing this. I haven't heard of this series, but it sounds good!