Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Four Blind Mice by James Patterson

Book Details
Four Blind Mice by James Patterson
Paperback, 416 pages
2003, Vision
ISBN: 0446613266
Series: Book 8 in the Alex Cross series

The mice of the title are three homicidal Army Rangers, Vietnam vets, and their mysterious controller; as is usual in the Cross novels, we know this much sooner than does the black Washington, D.C., detective, who gets involved when an army careerist, Sgt. Ellis Cooper, an old pal of Cross's colleague and best friend, John Sampson, is found guilty at military trial for the brutal murder of three women, but claims innocence. Traveling to North Carolina, where Cooper awaits execution, and to Fort Bragg to investigate, Cross and Sampson encounter stonewalling among the military which only intensifies as they uncover a pattern of other military men executed for like crimes they may not have committed. As the duo visits West Point, they confront an even thicker "gray" wall of silence. Meanwhile, the killers strike again, and when Cross and Sampson identify them, the Rangers begin hunting the cops. The action leads, as is Patterson's custom, to a firecracker string of climaxes; the finale finds Cross handcuffed and stripped naked in deep woods, about to be killed.

Four Blind Mice is my least favorite Alex Cross novel. While I enjoy the series and loved the extra focus on Alex's partner Samson, the mystery was focused on the military. While this is of interest to many, it holds no entertainment value for me. Alex's girlfriend, Jamilla, didn't make things any better. Short chapters and Patterson's classic fast-paced style were the only thing that helped me get through this book. Probably great for most fans of the series, but a miss for me.


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  1. ohh..i like patterson on this one..felt sorry this is your least to like.. =(

  2. I thought this one sounded good, i'm very intrigued, I haven't tried a Cross one yet but I do enjoy JamesP.

  3. I feel like Patterson is going downhill...fast. Blah. Great review though :)