Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hallowe'en Party by Agatha Christie

Book Details
Hallowe'en Party by Agatha Christie
Paperback, 240 pages
2004, Berkley
ISBN: 0425129632

At a Hallowe'en party, Hercule Poirot aids mystery writer Ariadne Oliver in an investigation into the murder of a young girl-who may have witnessed a murder herself. But unmasking the killer proves more daunting than bobbing for apples.

Hallowe'en Party wasn't the best Agatha Christie novel, but it was far from the worst. Ariadne Oliver teams up with Hercule Poirot when a murder or possibly two, has been committed. While I loved the back and forth between Ariadne and Poirot and I love anything to do with Halloween, the mystery left something to be desired. Hallowe'en Party cast suspicion on the killer too obviously and too early. You didn't get to experience the usual surprising Poirot reveals the killer moment. A decent but ultimately unremarkable Christie novel.



  1. O sweet! I like the idea of this one! Thanks for the review.

  2. I will put this on my list for Halloween time.

  3. Thanks for the review! I have this in my pile to read.

  4. It surprise me that Agatha Christie would eben have a book called Hallowe'en Party. It sounds like a Christopher Pike or R.L. Stine novel.