Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hex Marks the Spot by Madelyn Alt

Book Details
Hex Marks the Spot by Madelyn Alt
Paperback, 256 pages
2007, Berkley
ISBN: 0425218708
Series: Book 3 in the Bewitching Mystery series

While her boss becomes entranced with a beautiful armoire at the countywide craft bazaar, Maggie can't help noticing the Amish craftsman who made it. Though his clothes may be plain, he himself is more handsome than a man sporting a jawline-only beard has any right to be. And he seems pretty aware that the ladies love But when the hunky craftsman turns up dead with a strange hex symbol near his corpse, Maggie wonders if the craft involved is the witchy kind.

Hex Marks the Spot was the first book I read in the Bewitching Mystery series and my least favorite. A lot of interesting ghost action in this novel and the mystery itself was good, if forgotten at some point. The focus shifts from the murder to the growing love-triangle between Tom, Maggie and Marcus and seems to forget to return to the murder for a good chunk of time. Once back on the trail of the killer, the mystery is quickly and neatly wrapped up, leaving only Maggie's love life up in the air. A lot of sub-plots seemed to be competing for attention in Hex Marks the Spot and I think it distracts from the point, the mystery, of the novel. That's definitely not a bad thing, just not quite ideal. I love the relationships in this series, but I do hope that the next book stays on track better.



  1. I love this series...sorry to hear to only gave it 3 shots. I have read them in order (cuz that's how I roll LOL :-)) and sometimes it helps (IMO) with the character development to start at the begging. Can't wait to see what you think of the others if you read on!

  2. Bummer that you didn't quite enjoy this one as much as the others! I still have to read this series...I have been eying it more and more on my bookshelf. Thanks for the honest review. :)