Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Class Menagerie by Jill Churchill

Book Details
The Class Menagerie by Jill Churchill
Paperback, 224 pages
1999, Avon
ISBN: 0380773805
Series: Book 4 of Jane Jeffry Mysteries

Despite a full schedule, frazzled suburban single mom Jane Jeffry has agreed to lend a hand during a two-day gathering of her friend Shelley's former high school girl's club.So while the reunited ladies are dishing dirt, Jane is sweeping it up -- and she inadvertently becomes privy to all sorts of interesting postgraduate gossip and long-smoldering resentments. But then a corpse turns up among the one-time student body, the unfortunate victim of some rather nasty after-school activities. And unless Jane gets to the bottom of a sordid senior-year scandal, more alumnae are sure to die at the hands of a calculating classmate who's majoring in murder.

Jane and Shelley go back to high school and it couldn't be more entertaining. Am I the only one surprised when people aren't killed at high school reunions? A mystery from back in the day is costing former students their lives and while the clues are there, I just could not figure this one out. Hilarious and very fast-paced, The Class Menagerie is one of the very best Jane Jeffry mysteries.


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