Sunday, March 21, 2010

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Book Details
Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
Paperback, 100 pages
2004, Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 1419190040

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, first published in 1871 is the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Follow Alice as she steps through a mirror above her fireplace into a strange "Looking-glass House." Once there, she solves the silly mystery of the Jabberwocky. In her travels she meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee, The Walrus and the Carpenter, and Humpty Dumpty.

I very much disliked Through the Looking Glass. It was trippy in a way that would be better suited for someone high on drugs: pure gibberish masquerading as whimsical storytelling.

Every other chapter was the same. Meet a pair of characters, then watch them fight. Mix in some random poetry and songs. Add to that some round-about dialogue and logic that will make the reader dizzy. Viola, a classic.

It was easy to follow, but hard to understand or relate to. I knew what was going on but I couldn't grasp why, or even how. I believe that this story would probably be better experienced through a visual means, a movie to television special. I only finished it because it was 100 pages. Had it been longer, I wouldn't have given up without a second thought.



  1. Strangely, that bad review has made me watnt to read it more!

  2. I'm reading it right now - slowly with DailyLit - only because I wanted to read it before I saw the new movie. Maybe wikipedia will clue me in to what everything means.

  3. Yikes. That's a bit disappointing, but thanks for the great, honest review!

  4. I'm just about to start reading this. I expected it not to make any sense.

  5. I have been dying to read this but I think I may put it off for a bit.

  6. Although I haven't read this yet, it's one of those books that I just assume that everyone loves. It's refreshing to see that that's not necessarily the case. Thanks for your honest review!

  7. I feel like a lot of people say this about Caroll - it's almost too whimsical for someone sober to really enjoy. That being said, I do believe that the film adaptations of his works can be enjoyable to watch.

    Jennifer @