Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan

Book Details
Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan
Paperback, 384 pages
2006, Jove
ISBN: 0515141542
Series: Book 4 in the Drake Sisters series

Libby Drake never saw herself as the kind of woman who could attract the attention of handsome and brilliant biochemist Tyson Derrick. Until fate throws them together-and leaves them vulnerable to a secret enemy.

Dangerous Tides is primarily a love story, as all of the Drake Sister's novels are. When read from a purely romantic viewpoint, this is a very good story. The mixing of science, medicine, magic and long denied attraction makes this book, in my opinion, one of the better stories of the series.

Thing take a turn towards the uncomfortable when Libby and Tyson, both virgins well read on the subject of sex, consummate their relationship. While I am willing to believe that someone can possess two quite different personalities in and out of the bedroom, Tyson's difference stretches beyond anything remotely realistic. He becomes self-assured, commanding and relatively smooth. Except when he utters the words every woman wants to hear her first time - "It's all good, baby." - in the middle of foreplay. This isn't a line used in jest and isn't focused on in the slightest, but for me and I'd imagine many other readers, it was like stepping into a cold shower. The seduction continued, but I felt awkward and immediately disconnected from the love-making.

Only slightly better than the carnal was the mystery. The premise was sound and the "who are they really trying to kill - Libby or Tyson?" aspect made everything and everyone a little more suspicious. Unfortunately, due to some heavy-handed clues and the constant avoidance of looking at a specific character as a suspect made the would-be killer obvious early on.

I greatly enjoy the Drake Sisters series and Dangerous Tides is a decent addition. I would recommend this book to series fans and those looking for a slightly different twist in their love stories. Those looking for mind-blowing erotic scenes or a mystery that leaves you guessing should look elsewhere.


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  1. I thought Libby's story was the weakest but I have to say I kind of expected that because she was the most understated of the sisters. I think 3 is what I rated it, maybe a 4 just because I am in love with the series on a whole. Also did you hear she is releasing a book set in Sea Haven to be a new series---so excited!

  2. I have to admit that I love this series.

    Also, I'm excited to hear about the new series. I just went to Feehan's website to check it out.