Monday, May 31, 2010

I Do BEA, Sadly Without Tequila (Damn Commuting)

BEA was amazing. My fears proved to be crazy and my obsessive planning left me less prepared than the more seasoned attendees. Apparently, it's impossible to over-plan for BEA.

Some of the fantastic bloggers I got to spend time with

Yup, that's my lone picture from BEA. I carry a camera for 4 days and take just one picture.

In the course of my travels, I also had the pleasure of meeting
Sheila (Book Journey)
Amy (Amy Reads)
Sarah and Jenny (Forever Young Adult)
Heather (Age 30+)
Lyra (Lyra Rose)
Heather (Darkly Reading)
and many more. . . 

. . . sorry to all that I didn't mention, my memory is atrocious. This also includes remembering to ask for your business card for situations such as these.

I also got to meet a great many authors. It was a great experience, especially for someone like me who had never met a real, live author in person before. I stalked Jonathan Maberry (I went to all 3 of his signings) and managed be one of the lucky people who got up at the crack of 3:45am to get a ticket to meet Rick Riordan. Since I didn't line up a gazillion hours in advance, I missed my chance at meeting James Patterson. Don't worry, James, I'll find you one day.

I snagged some very exciting books, including Emma and the Vampires and Thin, Rich, Pretty (I think I may have squealed when it was offered to me at the BBC Reception). You can see all of my new, wonderful books on yesterday's In My Mailbox post.

I spent the first 2 hours on Wednesday racing around to my favorite publishers. Having a list of must visit booths was key, as it saved me a huge amount of time wandering aimlessly. Although, I did do a lot of that too.

I considered not going back on Thursday. I was so sore and tired, I didn't think I could make it. I soldiered on, sat down ever chance I got and survived. My right foot is still swollen and sore. I think it may be permanently damaged. Still totally worth it.

I think I did very well for my first time, but next year I will not be taking the ferry. Dealing with the traffic and the walk to Javits (which looks deceptively close on a map) was too much to deal with. I really hope to get a hotel room with some other bloggers, but the train is another viable option. Either way, I can't wait for next year.


  1. AWESOME photo.
    Looks almost professional.

    Any advice for possible future visitors?

    What was the best day on the floor? Or where they the same? Any tips on meeting up with other bloggers?

  2. For only one is a great one! Sorry our paths never crossed. Next year!

  3. It was really great to meet you in person! I also lugged my camera around and managed to take... maybe 3 or 4 pictures!

  4. Hi Jennifer!

    Dammit I wasn't looking at the camera lol. Eh oh well. I loved meeting you and I will definitely be your NY buddy for author events or even just to hang out. :)


  5. I hardly took any pics, too! And I bought a new camera just for this event! Blasted!!! LOL! I know what you mean by squealing about Beth Harbison's book - I am pretty sure I did that, too!! LOL

    I really need to start working on some BEA posts.. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the books and swag and I don't know where to start!!!

  6. It was fun meeting you too! I think next year we need to try and organize some kind of book blogger happy hour that involves tequila for sure! It was awesome to go but I feel like I'm still recovering!

  7. Great post! I kept forgetting that I had my camera and business cards too! *L*

  8. Lol. Good advice! I shall definitely take heed when I go NEXT year. Comfortable shoes, close hotel, alarm clock. :P

  9. Love the picture! I never smile in pictures. Oh, and yes, you did squeal when you got Thin, Rich, Pretty :)
    Next year? Hotel baby!

  10. Great picture, even if it's your only one.

    Sounds like you had a great time. You'll look back on all the suffering with a smile, I'm sure!

  11. Glad to hear you had such a fantastic time! It's cool you got to meet so many other bloggers. It must have been great to be able to put some names to faces :)

  12. ...the picture wont' show up for me ;-;

    It was great hanging with you Jennifer, and don't worry next year you'll be able to say 'pfft I got this'.

    also...rather jealous you got 'Rot & Ruin', now that I know who Jonathan Maberry is I kind of want to glomp all his books...

  13. You r very lucky! I live outside US...=.=

    awesome photo! :) many books!!! aww!!!

  14. You took one picture, but it's an awesome picture! Looks like something out of a magazine. :)

  15. I really want to attend next year. I am so jealous (even with your sore foot).....

  16. I've already told the hubs that I HAVE to go to this next year :)

    GREAT photo btw!

  17. Yeah, that was a really good photo! Nice to know that you had a fun time at the BEA. :) I also live outside of the US...hopefully one day I get to go to the expo too!

  18. I'm so jelly! What fun!!! Glad you got to go and meet so many amazing people!