Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spotlight Series: Bewitching Mysteries

Madelyn Alt is the national bestselling author of the witchy and hip Bewitching Mystery Series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The Bewitching Mysteries features small town single girl and fledgling empath Maggie O'Neill, her witchy boss, and an unlikely circle of ghosthunting friends, the N.I.G.H.T.S., as they investigate increasing levels of paranormal disturbance--not to mention a series of unrelated murders--in Maggie's hometown of Stony Mill, Indiana.

In other words, they are: "Mysteries... with Hex Appeal."

Madelyn writes from her home, an 1870's era Victorian in northeast Indiana, which she shares with an extraordinary number of persons of the male persuasion of assorted ages and sizes, two Siamese cats who rule the roost, and a Shepherd-Lab mix sweetheart who is only too happy to let them.

The Bewitching Mysteries are ghost themed cozy mysteries. I, personally, don't usually fare too well with ghost stories, so my thorough enjoyment of this series surprised me. While all the books include ghost hunting trips or at least some sort of ghostly presence, the mysteries focus on Maggie, her friends, their varying psychic abilities and even more widely varying religious beliefs. The group of ghost-hunters include Wiccans, an Amish man and even a former nun. Maggie's two, very different, potential suitors add some sweet romantic possibilities in amongst the ghosts, witchcraft and murder mysteries. These books are chick-lit-esque, cozy mysteries full of paranormal shenanigans. With three of my favorite genres all in one series, I should never have doubted how fun they'd be.

Important Characters to Know
Maggie O'Neill - Maggie has recently discovered her abilities as an empath. She has trouble accepting these abilities, but is willing to keep a fairly open mind to the paranormal world she has just learned of.

Felicity "Liss" Dow
- Maggie's employer. She qwns and operates an antique store/metaphysical shop and proudly defines herself as a witch.

Marcus Quinn
- A male witch and by all appearances, a "bad boy." He and Maggie share a mutual attraction.

Tom Fielding - Township policeman often involved in the official murder investigations. While he and Maggie often consider dating, his skeptical prejudice against witchcraft complicates matters.

Bewitching Mysteries
(in reading order, links lead to my reviews)
  1. The Trouble With Magic
  2. A Charmed Death
  3. Hex Marks the Spot
  4. No Rest for the Wiccan
  5. Where There's a Witch
  6. A Witch In Time
  7. Home for a Spell
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    1. I really need to figure out where I left off with this series because I do enjoy it. I know I read the first two for sure but I'm not sure about the third. I'll probably just start over at some point to remember it all.

    2. I just started reading this series and am now on the second book. I'm enjoying them. Fun reads.

    3. Love all those series!! A Witch In Time was my least favorite out of Alt's series.

      Also I have not read the Psychic Eye series.

    4. I can't wait to check out this series.....

      Hey I gave you an award if you want to check it out :)

    5. Thanks for sharing! I am going to add the first one to my TBR list.