Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sparrow Rock by Nate Kenyon

Book Details
Sparrow Rock by Nate Kenyon
Paperback, 322 Pages
2010, Leisure Books
ISBN: 0843963778

Six high school students have survived nuclear war in a high-tech bomb shelter, but they're not alone. Mutated insects are hungry and the human survivors are the only prey.

Sparrow Rock is truly a horrific tale. It's a very different, inventively written apocalyptic story filled with psychological thrills and scenes so disgusting your skin will crawl.

A group of teens looking for a place to smoke pot head down into a bomb shelter. An all out nuclear strike hits while the teens are getting high and they just might be the only people who survived. Things aren't as straight-forward as they seem and after a couple weird but completely convincing twists in the story, it looks like the group may have been better off dying with the rest of humanity. This is definitely not a book you want to read if you have an extreme bug phobia.

Beyond the totally gross chills, Sparrow Rock takes a long look at friendship and what that means between teenagers. It's scary and sad while feeling surprisingly real. It takes the essence of zombies, mixes it with bugs and conspiracy theories, throws in some mental illness, kills just about everyone on the planet and right when you think you've seen everything, it leaves you with a revelation that you could have never even considered possible.


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  1. oh god i get the creeps just reading it i do enjoy books such as this but then i have a slight problem of paranoia as i keep imagining freaky people dragging me away From my bedroom *shudders* you see that cover man is it creepy! but the books does sound good :D

  2. i do love this kind of books with conspiracies and give me shivers sometime ;p

  3. Ugh! Don't know if I would be able to stomach this one...

  4. Hmm, sounds intriguing but maybe it has a few too many plot twists? I may pick it up if I come across it though.