Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Belong to Me by Mary Higgins Clark

Book Details
You Belong to Me by Mary Higgins Clark
Paperback, 384 Pages
1999, Pocket
ISBN: 0671004549

In this breathtaking new novel from the reigning diva of suspense, a psychopathic killer stalks lonely women aboard cruise ships -- giving grisly new significance to the lyrics of an old sweet song...

When psychologist Dr. Susan Chandler uses her call-in radio show to explore the issue of lonesome women who disappear and are later found to have been victims of seductive killers, she has no way of knowing she is exposing herself -- and those closest to her -- to the very horror she is warning others against.

After a listener calls in offering information about the mysterious disappearance from a luxury ocean liner of wealthy investment advisor Regina Clausen, the caller meets with a terrible accident. Or so say the police. As Susan begins to investigate, she quickly finds herself in a race against time -- and an assassin who targets not only vulnerable women, but anyone who might offer clues to his identity. Inching closer to the truth, Susan makes shocking dual discoveries: that the killer may be an important figure in her own life, and that she herself is marked for murder.

As unpredictable as it is daring, You Belong To Me delivers a series of electrifying jolts as Mary Higgins Clark makes yet another brilliant entry in the annals of classic suspense.

You Belong to Me was my first Mary Higgins Clark. She's such a popular and prolific author, I had put off reading her books. I was afraid I wouldn't like them, but what I should have been afraid of was enjoying them. You Belong to Me was an exciting, suspenseful read that made me regret not reading Clark's books earlier.

Susan is a former assistant district attorney turned psychologist and radio host. When she inquires on-air about a missing woman, she sets off a murderous chain reaction she never could have predicted. I cared about what happened to Susan, but I also questioned her often. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't follow certain obvious - to me at least - leads. She had a lot of stuff going on, personally and professionally, so ultimately it could have been a realistic portrayal of things slipping through the cracks unnoticed.

Each page of You Belong to Me drew me in further than the last. I could not put this book down. It could be a little repetitive, going over certain things two or three different times, but I was so wrapped up in the story I barely cared.

I was in awe of the storytelling in throughout the entire book. I highly enjoyed the way the book was written and that actually stopped my progress on a few occasions. Clark took the full advantage of what writing for print has to offer and exercised freedom that visual medias can't compete with. She was able to show the story from multiple perspectives, including the killer's. She showed the actions and thoughts of all the suspects and the killer without letting on which suspect was the killer. You were in the killers head, seeing what he saw and yet couldn't tell which man was guilty or innocent. It was an amazing experience.


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  1. She's my favourite author so i'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. This book and review sounds so interesting. Thanks!
    I will pick this up soon!!!

  3. Great review, Jennifer! The last book I read by Clark was just so-so. Maybe her older books are a little better?

  4. Hi Jennifer, Great review and I love Mary Higgins Clark. Have read a number of her books and loved them all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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