Friday, July 2, 2010

CSN Bookcase Review

I ordered my bookcase from CSN Bookcases and the order was shipped the same day. It arrived 3 days later, well before the anticipated delivery window of 5 to 7 days. It was shipped in it's original packaging, reinforced with heavy cardboard bumpers on the sides and sealed in plastic wrap. I've always had problems with furniture being delivered damaged, so this extra cushioning was a huge plus and I was very pleased that everything in the box was in perfect condition.

The before pictures. Click on each picture for a closer look and my pointing out of the stranger items.

As soon as it was put together.

This is the Mylex Three-Shelf Bookcase in Oak. I put it together my self. From the moment I took the before pictures to the last picture showing the bookcase filled, it was less than an hour total. I'll admit to being a little handy with a screwdriver and hammer, but it was very easy to put together. The instructions were minimal, mostly pictures, but easily followed. It was also quiet putting it together. My husband was sleeping in the same room I assembled it and I only woke him once hammering a nail in the back of the bookshelf.

The after pictures. Look at all that glorious room. I own 4 other, larger bookcases and this new one seems much more sturdy than the others. That may be in part because the others are on carpet and this one is on a hard, level surface. The bookshelf is level, although it looks a little crooked in the picture. It was after midnight, I was tired, and didn't realize the camera was leaning a little.

I am very pleased with my entire CSN experience and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality online stores.


  1. very nice. I had a great experience with CSN stores as well and I love my new bookshelf!

  2. The before pictures, look a lot like my office

  3. I love your annotations on your photos, like "Weird cat towel because we don't have a curtain." Great review!

  4. @Super - Thanks!

    @Angela - Yes, they were very easy to work with and the bookshelf is gorgeous.

    @Book Whisperer - The desk used to be overrun with books, but I donated a lot during Bloggiesta which made it look less crazy.

    @Liz - Some things just need a little explanation. I'm not a "hang a cat towel on the wall" type of person, so I felt the slight need to defend myself.

  5. Very nice review--and your area looks so nice and organized now! Good job, Jennifer!

  6. @miss cindy - me too!

    @Julie P - Thanks, Julie! - Of course, the bookshelf is almost full now since I added my Harry Potters for rereading.

  7. Looks great! You did some nice work and it looks like it was needed!

  8. Love the pics! Also love that you put a bookcase on top of your desk. I never thought of that! Might have to reconsider my bookcase placement options in the future ;)

  9. @Amused - Thanks! I'm so anti-clutter that I think I can actually breathe easier now.

    @Emily - I had all this space on the desk, none on the floor and books everywhere. I just made sure I got a bookshelf that wasn't extremely heavy, since I'm not sure how much the desk can hold up and books can get pretty heavy.