Thursday, August 5, 2010

Interview with Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy, author of the Fast Track series, has been kind enough to stop by Reading with Tequila to answer some questions.

Bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book to Kensington Brava through author Lori Foster’s website contest in 2002, much to her continued amazement. Twenty-four books later, Erin is entertaining both Brava and Berkley readers with her sassy, sexy tales of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her Las Vegas Vampires series debuted in August 2006, with HIGH STAKES hitting #1 on the B&N trade romance list. Erin also writes paranormal young adult novels under the name Erin Lynn.

Reading with Tequila: You've written a wide variety of books: contemporary, paranormal, sexy, humorous, mature and young adult. Is there any type of book that's more fun to write? Any type that's easier?

Erin: I find YA to be easiet to write. Something about that teen voice just pours out of me. I guess I'm just an angsty teenage girl at heart. The ones I love to write are the dark, sensual paranormals. They're not the easiest, but there is something really satisfying about all the layering that goes into them.

RWT: Your short stories have been included in numerous collections. Is there a difference in your process when writing a short story as opposed to a full length book?

Erin: I tend to think of a novella as a beginning and an end, not much of a middle. I also have to keep the characters to a minimum and focus on my element, like the humor or the sensuality or the emotion. In most of my books, all of those are layered in, but in a shorter story I pick one and carry that through the whole story.

RWT: You're professional writing career started with a online contest and has been going strong ever since. What's the most important lesson you've learned since becoming an author?

Erin: Never take anything for granted. lol. That you have to be as tenacious as you were as an unpublished author. That there are some truly amazing readers out there and I never could have anticipated how much they would touch my life in such a positive way.

RWT: The Fast Track series features stock car racing. Is this something you've always been a fan of? Did you have to do a lot of research for the series?

Erin: I was aware of stock car racing but I wasn't necessarily a fan. I just really thought it would make a great setting for a series and my editor agreed, which is why I love her. :-) I then did a crash course in stock car research, reading up on it, watching racing, going to races myself in person. I found out I really love the adrenaline rush of a race and I'm definitely a fan now.

RWT: What do you think you would be if you hadn't become an author?

Erin: I had intended to be a lawyer and I do think I would have enjoyed that. Either that or I would have had six kids and continued to stay at home. I loved being a stay at home mom. But ultimately, now I can't imagine being anything other than an author. It's a fabulous job!

About the Book

Not all marriages last forever!

Suzanne Jefferson is broke, which is why she’s given up charity work for wedding planning. Fortunately, she has a high-profile client,and best of all, he’s paid in advance. There are just two teensy problems: The bride is a bona fide bridezilla, and Suzanne’s ex-husband is the best man. At least she thought he was her ex-husband!

But this one might…

Two years after their marriage fell apart, stock car race driver Ryder Jefferson still can’t stop thinking about Suzanne. Which is why he isn’t too upset that, due to a glitch, the two are still technically married. Now he’s imagining easing Suzanne’s woes by satisfying her needs in the bedroom. After all, that’s the one room they never argued in. Besides, with wedding bells ringing all around them, Ryder is wondering if,even though they’d quit the race a few laps too early,they can still come on strong with a big, romantic finish!


  1. OH! I am so excited about this one! I read the first in the series so I will need to catch up!
    Congrats on the release Erin!!!!


  2. Thanks, Brande! I hope you enjoy it. :)