Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I Hate Harry Potter

Why I Hate Harry Potter

Ever since He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named everyone suddenly loves Harry Potter. Well, I have decided to come out and remind you all why he you should hate him. Well, I can’t really come out because if I did I would be ostracized from society, so I will not reveal anything about myself other than that I was Slytherin and went to school with Potter for at least a year. And no, I am not Draco, have you seen how his family is kissing Potter’s ass now that he won? It is disgusting.

But yes, I still hate Harry Potter. Times under The Dark Lord weren’t so bad – well not for us pure bloods. Aren’t we the only ones who matter anyway? Everyone seems to forget that we are a higher class than those filthy Mudbloods. They don’t deserve their powers and Volde- I names You-Know-Who knew that and was willing to fight for it.

What did Potter and Dumbdledore’s Army do for us? Some of our parents, friends, and family members were killed by them. Why aren’t they being charged for murder? Ok, so they didn’t AK anyone, but they were responsible for deaths. That stupid Molly Weasley should be rotting in Azkaban for what she did to Bellatrix but no, her side won so she is paraded around.

Back to Potter. He only caused trouble while he was at Hogwarts. He somehow got his name into that cup – filthy cheater. If it wasn’t for him the true Hogwarts champion would still be here. He helped get rid of Umbridge – talk about a great Headmistress. She knew who should be in charge and how to run this place. But Potter was not favored under her rule so of course she had to go.

Potter could have been great. He had a chance to be in Slytherin and turned it down. What a moron. He could have joined us and helped us gain power over Hogwarts, the ministry, and the world. Instead he became our enemy. The Death Eaters were so much cooler than the Order of the Phoenix. We caused mischief and mayhem, but what is the point of being a wizard if you can’t use it to have a little fun with Muggles? We are a higher power for a reason. We should use our power to dominate.

But no. Potter wants all these new laws that are even stricter prohibiting us from harming the Muggles. He was treated so badly by some Muggles, he should want to hurt them and make them suffer for what they did, but instead he has forgiven them.

Harry Potter is no hero. He couldn’t do anything on his own and relied on others for all of his dirty work. He couldn’t even kill You-Know-Who properly, just “Expelliarmus” all the time. There are thousands of spells and he relies on the first one we learned year one. He obviously is not very bright if that is all he can do. Oh and that protection spell of his “Expecto Patronum”. That gets old fast. Stop dodging and making your Patronus do all the work. Do something yourself you loser.

I still hate Harry Potter and I hope that I can convince some of you to go back to hating him too. He is the reason we former Slytherins are at the bottom of the totem pole right now and we need to fight to get back on top (uh don’t even get me thinking about that traitor Snape). Did I miss some reasons? Post them in the comments of the blog (you might want to make it anonymous, even since we got on this interwebs thing, I have a feeling the Ministry is watching us even more) and let me know everything I forgot – since I could write a book about why I hate Harry Potter.


Slytherin Potter Hater


  1. XD Its okay love I've hated Harry Potter since the first. I have a thing against goody-goody two shoes with a prophecy to defeat Dark Lords.

    Slytherin all the way :D

  2. Love it! Only a true slytherin would understand. :)

  3. In all honesty, I confess that there were times when I thought Harry was a bit too bratty. LOL :)

    Funny post, kudos to you.

  4. Let's get 'Potter Stinks' badges!:)

  5. Laughing at this very catchy title! I've loved all these H.P. posts!

  6. You forgot another reason to hate him... he did have Hermoine helping him stay on his broom during that Qudditch game. And he was always getting extra cup points for total bullshit for his house. And he helped a criminal escape and didn't even get a batted eyelash over it. He was always breaking the rules and totally getting away with it.
    Also please don't forget about the hellish camping trip in book 7.
    Don't get me wrong I am a Potter Lover, but I do see both sides.