Monday, January 17, 2011

Where Do You Share Your Bookish Knowledge?

I started Reading with Tequila because I didn't know anyone who enjoyed reading. My love of books often leaves my friends and family perplexed. Reading for pleasure makes me smart. Or a dork, depending on who I talk to. While being thought of as smart is nice, I don't mind either assumption. I'm old enough not to care if you think I'm dorky. And to be honest, I kind of am sometimes and have no problem embracing that side of myself.

Anyway, I needed to find like-minded individuals. And where does one go to find freaks like themselves? The internet, obviously. I started this blog and immediately found that our intelligent yet dorky community was huge online. There are so many people, just like me, spread all over the world and connecting with them was fantastic.

Since blogging, I've found a variety of places to discuss my love for all things books:

I'm on Twitter talking about books, blogging and often times really oddball things (mostly after having a couple of drinks).

I'm on Goodreads and LibraryThing, mostly cataloging my own books and stalking your libraries, but also occasionally discussing something to do with the book world.

I even started a Reading with Tequila book club on Goodreads. And a Reading with Tequila Facebook page.

I'm over on GetGlue a lot, liking, disliking, checking in and reviewing every aspect of the known universe. I got me some stickers and love being the Guru of over 200 things.

I post my reviews on Amazon, but have learned not to engage comments on said reviews. Amazon seems to attract more comment hate than any other place I've found online in regards to books.

And most recently, I've become the Newark Crime Fiction Examiner at I cross post some of my reviews there and write a bunch of original crime-centric author profiles and discussion posts.

Feel free to come stalk me at any of these places.

Where do you discuss books online? Is there any site I haven't mentioned that I should visit?

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