Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Realistic Do You Want Your Love Story?

Yesterday I spoke about what I want to see more of in books instead of love triangles. I talked a lot about different realistic relationship situations that I wanted included in more books. Even while writing the post, I knew many people would disagree with my desires.

I'm a cynic when it comes to love and romance, therefore I tend to like troubled romances and books that don't have a clean, neat happily-ever-after. I have a hard time believing that all these stories deserve a happily-ever-after ending, because how often does that happen in real life? People with a sunnier disposition than I myself possess may claim it happens all the time, but I just can't imagine that people are always happy forever. Life is messy and complicated and people who truly love each other don't always make it work together.

I'm extreme in my desire for realism. I want to see a girl fall in love with a guy who doesn't have any interest in her. I want her to have a one night stand with him and purposely get pregnant to trap him. I want him to laugh at her as he dates scores of other girls while she raises the baby alone. I want her to be tormented by his happiness. And then years down the line, I want her to meet a nice guy who's "good enough." He treats her well and cares for her child as if it's his own. I want her to end up with this guy and be content, but still fantasize about what life would have been like if only she had been able to snag her baby daddy as originally planned. Maybe she could cheat on good enough husband with dream guy, only to get hurt again and also earn herself some massive infidelity guilt before finally accepting that good enough husband is the best she's going to do and resigns herself to trying to make the most out of her marriage.

I would love to read that, but I can see why it probably wouldn't be a best seller. It's not happy. But it is real. And if written well, it could be sexy and emotional and filled with passion, longing and regret.

Do you need happily-ever-after in your love story? How realistic is too realistic for your taste? Is there anything you want to see done that you don't think others would enjoy?

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