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Undead and Undermined by MaryJanice Davidson

Book Details
Undead and Undermined by MaryJanice Davidson
Hardcover, 304 Pages
2011, Berkley Hardcover
ISBN: 0425241270
Series: Book 10 of Queen Betsy/Undead

Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor thought she couldn't die. So what's she doing in the morgue? It could have something to do with a time-traveling trip she made, and a foe with a wicked agenda that could finally be the real death of Betsy-if she's not careful.

Undead and Undermined is the first Queen Betsy book that I didn't love. I understand that post-time travel story lines have a tendency to be a little confusing and hard to follow, but much of this book went beyond that. The problem wasn't grasping the difference between the timeline before and after, but rather the present-time action. So much focus was spent on making sure differences were noted that a lot of what makes Queen Betsy entertaining was lost.

The Undead series is light, fluffy, vampy fun in the face of a variety of horrors. There wasn't much fun in Undead and Undermined though. Betsy's snarky humor is absent for much of the book. When it does show up, it feels out of place. More than anything, my major complaint is the feel of the book is off.

After such a monumental reveal in Undead and Unfinished, I expected something more. Unfortunately, this huge series plot twist isn't mentioned for much of this book. Instead, the book focuses on Betsy relaying the differences in the two timelines while being occasionally sidetracked by new plot changing twists.

Undead and Undermined seems to be a book used solely to take back things that have already happened in the series. It's a collection of re-dos that ultimately undermine (see what I did there?) the series as a whole. Bringing people back to live, killing off others, and changing every aspect of certain characters personalities are all things that are going to greatly annoy series fans that are already invested in what has happened in the previous nine books. I'm sure MaryJanice Davidson has a plan, but I'm seriously questioning her choices here.


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