Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Walking Dead, Volume 13: Too Far Gone by Robert Kirkman

Book Details
The Walking Dead, Volume 13: Too Far Gone by Robert Kirkman
Paperback, 136 Pages
2010, Image Comics
ISBN: 1607063298
Series: Book 13 of The Walking Dead

Life in the community is as near as Rick and his group can ever hope to come to life returning to normal. So why is Rick so on edge? Will his behavior spell doom for everyone else? Will they let it get that far?

What I really enjoyed about Too Far Gone, the thirteenth volume in The Walking Dead series, is that it surprised me. After Life Among Them, I kept waiting for the horror the community had to be hiding. Or, at least waiting for our band of survivors to attack and take over the good community because they were cynical and just assumed it had to be evil. What did occur in Too Far Gone was smaller in scope than I anticipated, but was realistic and related well to the personalities of the characters we know so well.

Too Far Gone has an average amount of violence, mostly of the human on human variety. Some sex, romance, betrayal and self-doubt mixed in there too. Some of the men are starting to irk me, namely Morgan and Gabriel. The duel crisis-of-consciences were both a bunch of whininess from people who don't seem to get that the way the world used to work doesn't cut it anymore. I nominate them both to be eaten by zombies next.

A couple of attacks and deaths do a lot to change the future dynamics of the group and community, but nothing here is going to upset long-time readers. I like where the series seems to be headed, but I worry it may turn into more of the same - just on a larger scale. Only time will tell, but thus far I'm still loving The Walking Dead series.


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