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Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion by Janet Mullany

Book Details
Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion by Janet Mullany
Paperback, 304 Pages
2011, William Morrow Paperbacks
ISBN: 006195831X
Series: Book 2 of Immortal Jane Austen

It is 1810, and the Damned are out of favor—banished from polite society. Jane Austen’s old undead friends have become new neighbors, raising hell in her tranquil village just in time to interrupt Jane’s work on what will be her masterpiece. Suddenly Jane’s niece is flirting dangerously with vampires, and a formerly respectable spinster friend has discovered the forbidden joys of intimate congress with the Damned (and is borrowing Jane’s precious silk stockings for her assignations). Writing is simply impossible now, with murderous creatures prowling the village’s once-peaceful lanes. And with the return of her vampire characteristics, a civil war looming between factions of the Damned, and a former lover who intends to spend eternity blaming her for his broken heart, Jane is facing a very busy year indeed.

Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion, the sequel to Jane and the Damned, follows up with Jane years after she had taken the Cure. Finally finding the time and creativity, Jane has begun writing again. Her peaceful work is short-lived however, once the vampires descend upon her village.

I love how Janet Mullany mixes facts about Jane Austen's life with vampire adventures. Both books are fun paranormal stories that do much to showcase the strength and perseverance of the real Jane Austen. In Blood Persuasion, we continue to see Jane shed the conventions of her time in order to aid others in need and keep her family safe. Against her own wants, Jane becomes once again involved with the Damned, including those of her own former vampire family.

As a respectable spinster, she fights against her rekindled attraction to Luke. Of course, it's easy enough when he seems to have switched allegiances from her creator, William, to a band of vampires who have no qualms about eating her neighbors and other villagers.

Janet Mullany continues her Immortal Jane Austen tale in a way that makes the best of the time period, vampires and Jane Austen herself. The ending is truly excellent, making the book more emotional and giving the reader some unexpected closure. Blood Persuasion wraps up Jane's life in a way that leaves very little room for a third in the series. I'm disappointed that it seems there won't be more stories about Jane Austen and her vampires, but I absolutely loved the ending of Blood Persuasion, so I can't complain.


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