Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Power by L.J. Smith

Book Details
The Power by L.J. Smith
Paperback, 320 Pages
1992, HarperTeen
ISBN: 0061067199
Series: Book 3 of Secret Circle

In So Deadly A Battle...

United at last with Diana, the mistress of her coven, Cassie must first sacrifice her love for Adam to save the Secret Circle and the town of New Salem from the evil powers of the witch Faye.

Threatened by the possibility of her destruction in a final battle between good and evil, Cassie must hope that her supernatural gifts are strong enough to obliterate the powers of evil.

If victorious, Cassie will win more than she ever dreamed. But if she and Diana fail, the Power will go to those who seek only to destroy.

...Can Anyone Triumph?

The Power, the final book in The Secret Circle trilogy offers a satisfying and entertaining conclusion to the overall plot of the series. The circle's battle against Black John offers some surprising twists and ultimately delivers the action readers have been waiting for.

Cassie's romantic endeavors continue to be an issue, even in this final book. The entire situation is finally and rather publicly resolved, but not to any degree of realism. I don't care how perfect a person may be, no teenage girl would have reacted in such a way. It plays out in a way that allows for a neatly tied up happily-ever-after, but is just plain unconvincing.

The entire cast of teen characters throughout the series are more good-natured than modern YA readers will be used to seeing and that's not necessarily a good thing. Without the new TV series based on the books I'd be hard-pressed to say that the books will stand the test of time. The Secret Circle is a decent trilogy but in the end, I think today's readers will be looking for something a little grittier than what takes place here.



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