Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Walking Dead, Volume 14: No Way Out by Robert Kirkman

Book Details
The Walking Dead, Volume 14: No Way Out by Robert Kirkman
Paperback, 136 Pages
2011, Image Comics
ISBN: 1607063921
Series: Book 14 of Walking Dead

As the Eisner Award-winning series continues, no one in The Community is safe from what happens within its walls!

The zombie action in No Way Out is in no way surprising (it was bound to happen) but that didn't make it any less exciting. This 14th volume of The Walking Dead graphic novels continues the story of our survivors and makes the evil undead once again.

No Way Out is refreshing as it steers the story back to its origins, in which the zombies are the biggest threat instead of the constant human on human terror. The overall story progression is minimal in this volume and character revelations are at an all time low, but the volume remains exciting. This is a volume that allows the reader to focus on the current moment instead of trying to keep up with the usual break-neck pacing.

No Way Out may annoy fans who've been waiting to see what major disaster will strike next, but the zombie hoard is totally worth it. Robert Kirkman continues to impress.


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