Monday, February 27, 2012

Crime Brulee by Nancy Fairbanks

Crime Brulee by Nancy Fairbanks
2001, Berkley
Series: Book 1 of Carolyn Blue Mysteries

Synopsis: In the first title from a new culinary crime series, forty-something food writer Carolyn Blue gets a taste of New Orleans cookery and crime. When a friend of hers goes missing, Carolyn turns sleuth to search for answers--a trail that leads right into an alligator swamp. Includes over a dozen recipes.

Why read: Looking for new-to-me culinary mystery series

What impressed me: I really enjoyed that Carolyn was a culinary writer. It was a great twist on the usual culinary mystery. I loved that the focus shifted away from cooking and was more on the taste and appearance of the food she wrote about. I liked traveling along with Carolyn and getting the touristy feel of New Orleans.

What disappointed me: I'm totally over the victim's jerk spouse. This comes up way too often in mysteries in every form of entertainment . Anyone who's every read a mystery or even seen an episode of Law & Order knows the spouse is always a suspect, so having this one be over the top nasty was unnecessary and slightly annoying.

Recommended: Yes. This book is definitely great for culinary mystery fans, especially foodies that aren't real interested in the actual cooking.

Continue series: If the series continues with Carolyn traveling and tasting her way around the world, I'll definitely enjoy this series for a long time.

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