Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell

All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell
2009, Pocket Star
Series: Book 3 of Kay Scarpetta

Synopsis: In Richmond, Virginia, young lovers are dying. So far, four couples in the area have disappeared, only to be found months later as mutilated corpses. When the daughter of the president's newest drug czar vanishes along with her boyfriend, Dr. Kay Scarpetta knows time is short. Following a macabre trail of evidence that ties the present homicides to a grisly crime in the past, Kay must draw upon her own personal resources to track down a murderer who is as skilled at eliminating clues as Kay is at finding them ...

Why read: Reading the series

What impressed me: The mystery in All That Remains was very well done. It was uniquely interesting, especially given the outside involvement of both the victim's mother and a reporter. Once again, Kay is stuck in a situation where she can't necessarily trust the other investigators - this time on a much larger scale - which is when we really get to see Kay shine. I'm really enjoying Kay's interactions with Marino, how with each book their friendship deepens and their respect for each other seems to grow.

What disappointed me: Nothing. All That Remains was a solid, enjoyable mystery.

Recommended: Yes. Each book is better than the last.

Continue series: Can't stop now. Things keep getting better.

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