Friday, March 9, 2012

Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell

Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell
2011, Pocket Star
Series: Book 2 of Kay Scarpetta

Synopsis: From Edgar Award-winning author Patricia Cornwell comes the latest in the murder mystery tales of Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta. After months of menacing phone calls and a feeling that her every move is being watched, a terrifying message scratched into reclusive writer Beryl Madison's car forces her to flee. But the very night she returns home to Richmond, she deactivates her burglar alarm and opens the door -- to her murderer.

Why read: Reading the series.

What impressed me: Body of Evidence was definitely a topsy-turvy mystery. Not only do you not know what's going on with the victims, you really don't have any clue who to trust in the investigation either. Kay's not knowing friend from foe in her personal life adds a lot of tension and intrigue to the story. And either Cornwell does much better in this second book with laying off the excessive explanations, or I'm just getting used to her writing style.

What disappointed me: Nothing stood out as disappointing. Well, except the crazed homophobia of law enforcement. Was it really that extreme in the early 90s when this book first came out?

Recommended: Yes. Even better than the last.

Continue series: Yes. I'm definitely becoming interested in Kay's personal life.

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