Thursday, January 31, 2013

Island of Secrets by Janni Nell

Island of Secrets by Janni Nell
2012, Carina Press
Series: Book 3 of Allegra Fairweather

Synopsis: I'm a paranormal investigator without a home of my own. So when a wealthy client offers me a lucrative job on a private South Pacific island, I jump at the opportunity.

It's not all fun in the sun, though. A dead merman--no, really--with an arrow in his chest has washed up on shore. My investigation reveals a century-old war between the mers and a goblin tribe, who believe the mers stole their treasure. But the real thief was a pirate. He buried the treasure and died before digging it up again.

Casper, my guardian angel and sort-of-but-not-really boyfriend, usually helps me out but he's acting all weird and busy. The only person left who can help me find the treasure is the pirate's former girlfriend, who happens to be a forgetful, alcoholic ghost.

Oh, and I'm not the only one searching for this treasure. Someone else wants it badly and they're prepared to commit murder to prevent anyone else from getting it...

Why read: Requested from NetGalley

What impressed me: Allegra's actions can get sort of annoying to readers, but you still love her in the and. And you can't help but continue to love Casper. The setting was amazing and the mystery more than made up for Allegra still needing to be rescued due to her own errors in thinking.

What disappointed me: Mermaids and goblins aren't really my favorites of the supernatural creatures. They were done well, but they were still mermaids and goblins. And this whole Allegra and Casper still not being able to be together thing is starting to grate.

Recommended: Definitely. Allegra's life is always fascinating.

Continue series: Absolutely. I have to see what ultimately happens between Allegra and Casper.

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