Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scandal in Fair Haven by Carolyn G. Hart

Scandal in Fair Haven by Carolyn G. Hart
1994, Bantam
Series: Book 2 of Henrie O.

Synopsis: When her friend is murdered in her lavish Fair Haven estate, all signs point to the victim's husband, and ex-journalist Henrie O. tries to learn the truth by questioning suspects from the area's best families.

The Good: I have extreme love for Carolyn Hart's writing. No matter the series, she always writes a helluva good cozy mystery. Scandal in Fair Haven is just that, a fantastically plotted mystery that drags you in and keeps you guessing throughout.

The Bad: I have learned that the Henrie O. series isn't destined to be one of my favorites. While I love Hart's writing, I don't exactly like Henrie O. herself. She's a spunky older lady, which is awesome, but she has an overbearing nature that shows way too much at times. I wanted to like her, but it's seeming less and less likely.

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