Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Do You Market Your Blog?

I'll admit it. Over 1800 blog followers. 1600 Twitter followers. 1000 Facebook fans. I got lazy. I marketed the blog less. Connected with authors, readers, other bloggers less.

Then I got distracted. With life. Pregnancy. A small army of girlish children. Knew I would come back to the blog when things calmed down a bit, but figured it would pretty much take care of itself in my absence.

Then it happened. Within a week of my started to produce new content regularly, I lost my domain. All part of that distracted thing. It was too late to get it back. I froze. Scrambled. Bitched. And then realized this was probably the exact thing I needed. A fresh start. A chance to change things up a bit to incorporate my other pop culture obsessions. And thus, Pop Culture Breakdown was born.

Except, there was no one here. Sure, I had Twitter, but I had lost touch with most of the people I conversed with regularly since I started this book blogging thing back in 2009. Facebook was  especially sad. I had recently started using my page more, which was great. Less great was that I had too many likes to change the page name. Begging and bribing did not work. Out of 1000 fans, 60 followed me to my new page. Do they not like the new content? Or can they just not find me? We may never know.

What I do know is that I'm still here. Even if no one else is. Why? Because I HAVE to be. I have thinks and feels about the stuff I read and watch and I am unable to keep them contained. Writing here means my 13 year old daughter will not have to listen to my ramblings on certain paranormal YA books (she hates the paranormal). It means my husband won't have to sit through another conversation about horror movies (he's not a huge fan). It means my parents won't have to hear me complain about how The Walking Dead just ended for the season and I don't even get more True Blood for another 2 months (if it isn't CSI themed, they aren't interested). This place has always been my place to talk about my book "stuff" and now things have just expanded to incorporate my horror stuff and TV stuff too. It keeps me relatively sane. Relatively.

That doesn't mean I would rather just shout my opinions into a black hole. I always loved knowing other people's take on the stuff I have read (and watched). And now that I'm FINALLY caught up on reviews, I can focus more on discussions, TV/Movie stuff and getting back into the community.

But the question I'm left with, is how? Google Friend Connect and Google Reader and dying out. How does one find new blogs to read? How does one keep track of them without Google Reader?

I really do need to be on Twitter more than just live tweeting certain shows. I always feel like such a voyeur there though. There are probably worse things you can be though.

The old Facebook grew organically, with no marketing - just consistent posting and sharing of cool bookish things. That's probably the key right there. A very zen, if you build it, they will come attitude.

And maybe some blog hops. Or something.

I feel like a noob all over again. How do you market your blog and get your name out there into the blogosphere?

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  1. I use for reader feebly, but I know a few use bloglovin for their reader. I use twitter and goodreads to promote.