Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Angel by Garry D. Kilworth

Angel by Garry D. Kilworth
1997, Tor Books
Series: Book 1 of Angel


Synopsis: An angel is setting San Francisco afire. To destroy the fallen angels hiding on Earth, it will stop at nothing, no matter how many innocents have to die. Now two police detectives have discovered the terrifying truth behind this epidemic of unexplained fires. But how do you stop an angel?

The Good: I enjoy an interesting genre mashing and this late 90s book did well mixing biblical paranormal with dark police procedural. An angel gone bad, murdering humans, would have peaked my interest even if it hadn't been experienced through the eyes of detectives trying to solve the cases through mundane means.

The Bad: While the premise was unique enough, the execution was forgettable. Detectives Dave and Danny are bland characters who spend way too much time worrying about their own religious beliefs rather than facing what's actually going on.

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