Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dead, White, and Blue by Carolyn Hart

Dead, White, and Blue by Carolyn Hart
2013, Berkley Hardcover
Series: Book 23 of Death on Demand

Synopsis: Summer is a hectic time of the year for Annie Darling. Sun and scorching temperatures never fail to bring swarms of tourists to her mystery bookstore, Death on Demand, for the latest beach reads. But Annie still finds time to enjoy herself. The Broward’s Rock Fourth of July dance is just around the corner, and the island is buzzing with excitement—Shell Hurst included...

Shell is the kind of woman wives hate—for good reason—and most of them wish she would just disappear. But when she does, and a teenage girl is the only one who seems to notice, Annie can’t help but feel like someone should be looking for her. Last seen walking into the pine trees at the Fourth of July fireworks display, Shell has seemingly vanished without a trace.

The residents of Broward’s Rock grow uneasy when a second islander mysteriously disappears. Annie and her husband, Max, know something dangerous is brewing. They soon find themselves following a twisted trail marked by blackmail, betrayal, and adultery, winding from the corridors of the island’s lovely inn to a pier lashed by pelting rain, to a gathering on the terrace of a country club where a trap is set for a calculating killer…

The Good: Carolyn Hart's writing still packs a punch 23 books into this series. While her fans love Max, Annie, Laurel and the rest of the Broward's Rock gang, Hart continues to pepper the island with interesting characters hiding deep, dark, often scandalous secrets. You just can't help being sucked into a Death on Demand book and Dead, White and Blue is no exception.

The Bad: The problem with Dead, White and Blue is that I hated, HATED, Shell. She was vicious and stupid and pretty much got what she deserved. And therefore, I couldn't care even a tiny bit who killed her.

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