Thursday, July 4, 2013

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris
2006, Berkley
Series: Book 1 of Harper Connelly

Synopsis: Harper Connelly has what you might call a strange job: she finds dead people. She can sense the final location of a person who's passed, and share their very last moment. The way Harper sees it, she's providing a service to the dead while bringing some closure to the living - but she's used to most people treating her like a blood-sucking leech. Traveling with her step-brother Tolliver as manager and sometime-bodyguard, she's become an expert at getting in, getting paid, and getting out fast. Because for the living it's always urgent - even if the dead can wait forever.

The Good:  I absolutely loved Harper's ability and the way she makes a living from it. I loved that other people didn't understand it, were scared of it and often thought she was scamming them. I equally loved how Tolliver fit in to the mix. The mystery in Grave Sight was good and a bit unexpected at times. Overall, this was a great book and I look forward to reading more of the series.

The Bad: I didn't really understand why Harper and Tolliver hung around the town for so long. Or why Tolliver had such a strong double standard for personal relationships when it came to him and Harper. I was a bit confused as to their motives at times.

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