Friday, December 20, 2013

Pandemic Survival by Ann Love and Jane Drake

Pandemic Survival by Ann Love and Jane Drake
2013, Tundra Books


Synopsis: The Black Death. Yellow Fever. Smallpox. History is full of gruesome pandemics, and surviving those pandemics has shaped our society and way of life. Every person today is alive because of an ancestor who survived--and surviving our current and future pandemics, like SARS, AIDS, bird flu or a new and unknown disease, will determine our future. Pandemic Survival presents in-depth information about past and current illnesses; the evolution of medicine and its pioneers; cures and treatments; strange rituals and superstitions; and what we're doing to prevent future pandemics. Full of delightfully gross details about symptoms and fascinating facts about bizarre superstitious behaviors, Pandemic Survival is sure to interest even the most squeamish of readers.

The Good: I really liked this book. It was fun and super informative. I didn't even realize it was for kids until I noticed it kept using school situations as examples and mentioned poop a lot more than the average adult book. The pictures were great as well and I would recommend this for most age groups, including adults. Gross and educational - the perfect mix.

The Bad: A little too dry in places to really hold a kids attention, but written for that audience causing adults to feel out of place with the school age references.

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