Thursday, January 2, 2014

Murderers Prefer Blondes by Amanda Matetsky

Murderers Prefer Blondes by Amanda Matetsky
2003, Berkley
Series: Book 1 of Paige Turner Mysteries

Synopsis: A feisty young widow with Brenda Starr bravado and a fixation with following in Agatha Christie's footsteps, Paige wants to pen a memorable mystery. But first she must solve the murder of a 24-year-old beauty queen.

The Good: Paige and her neighbor Abby are fun characters to read. There's some decent humor mixed in with a great 1950's setting. The author does a great job setting the mood and tone of the time for working women. A light, easy read.

The Bad: The mystery was sort of obvious once readers were introduced to the possible suspects. While I enjoyed the humorous tone, I actually found myself wishing things in the book were viewed a little more seriously. There was a flippant feeling that took away from the urgency of the mystery.

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