Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Earth Abides by George R. Stewart

Earth Abides by George R. Stewart
2006, Del Rey


Synopsis: A disease of unparalleled destructive force has sprung up almost simultaneously in every corner of the globe, all but destroying the human race. One survivor, strangely immune to the effects of the epidemic, ventures forward to experience a world without man. What he ultimately discovers will prove far more astonishing than anything he'd either dreaded or hoped for.

The Good: This was an unbelievably realistic portrayal of an post-apocalyptic world. Major and minor details considered and covered in an entertaining and satisfying fashion. The scope of this novel was extremely impressive. Moreso, that this novel was written 65 years ago and is so perfectly relatable to what we could imagine a post-diseased world in our own future.

The Bad: The book drags a little and is heavy on the detail. Some portions are hard to make yourself muddle through.

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