Monday, November 2, 2015

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

 Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
2006, Berkley Sensation
Series: Book 1 of Psy-Changelings

Synopsis:  In a world that denies emotions, where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire, Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed. To reveal them would be to sentence herself to the horror of "rehabilitation" - the complete psychic erasure of everything she ever was...

Both human and animal, Lucas Hunter is a changeling hungry for the very sensations the Psy disdain. After centuries of uneasy coexistence, these two races are now on the verge of war over the brutal murders of several changeling women. Lucas is determined to find the Psy killer who butchered his packmate, and Sascha is his ticket into their closely guarded society. But he soon discovers that this ice-cold Psy is very capable of passion - and that the animal in him is fascinated by her. Caught between their conflicting worlds, Lucas and Sascha must remain bound to their identities - or sacrifice everything for a taste of darkest temptation.

The Good: I postponed reading this book for years. The cover screamed cheap romance and the title made it seem like it was selling the raunchy aspect over plot of any kind. Needless to say, I went into this book with a very closed mind and expected a large amount of eye rolling during my read through. I found myself pleasantly surprised. Yes, this is paranormal romance. Yes, there are sexy times. I usually enjoy both, by the way. But nothing here was cheap and easy and the book was chock full of exciting story elements. The psychic race was done uniquely, creating a whole unexpected set of obstacles.

The Bad: The world building slowed the pace significantly,  but it had to be done. Sascha was internally repetitive at times, making me want to slap her silly for harping on her "brokenness."

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