Thursday, December 3, 2015

Countdown by Mira Grant

Countdown by Mira Grant
2011, Orbit
Series: Prequel Novella from Newsflesh

Synopsis: The year is 2014, the year everything changed. We cured cancer. We cured the common cold. We died.

This is the story of how we rose.

When will you rise?

The Good: This is a must read for any Newsflesh fan, especially if your a fan of background and origin stories. We learn, in detail, how the zombies came about. The steps that led up to the outbreak. I especially loved that we got to see how the Mason parents were, before the outbreak and their total focus on stardom. The novella was told in the same format, including official documents and other outside information mixed in with the story.

The Bad: This could have been much longer, with all the information it contained. It felt rushed. The author has a knack for fleshing out a story in a way that is so vivid, yet doesn't get lost in minutia and I fell this was a missed opportunity in that respect.

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