Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Angel & Faith Volume 4: Death and Consequences by Christos Gage

Death and Consequences by Christos Gage
2013, Dark Horse
Series: Book 4 of Angel & Faith


Synopsis: Delve into Giles's darkest days when a demon from his past - as the wild youth Ripper - reemerges in London. Eyghon's appearance gives Angel the opportunity he's been waiting for: capturing the final piece of the late Watcher's soul. For Faith, emotions run high after her Slayer comrades lose one of their ranks and discover Faith's longstanding relationship with public enemy number one, Angel. They'll use this information to their advantage - kill him or use him to resurrect their dearly departed friend. Needless to say, neither option goes according to plan when Slayers start turning into zombies!

The Good: This volume was amazing. Definitely the best so far. A look back at Giles dark past is always a good thing. I love how these graphic novels revisit smaller aspects of the TV series, like in this volume with Eyghon. It makes perfect sense that he would tie into Giles' soul, but his place in the story is rather unexpected. Spike and Angel together is a pleasure, as always. I am really enjoying where this volume has the story heading and can't wait to see how they wrap the season up.

The Bad: Not a thing.

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