Friday, January 15, 2016

Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel

 Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel
2013, St. Martin's Griffin
Series: Book 2 of Vampire Queen

Synopsis: A new year is beginning at Wickham Boarding School. A new chance at life, at reversing the evil in my past. But nothing is ever as simple it seems...

Last year, the love of my life died performing a ritual to fulfill my one wish and make me human. And now I’ve performed the same ritual for my friend Vicken – and survived. Why am I here, back safe on Wickham campus?

The strong magic I used in the ritual did more than just make Vicken human. It drew someone to Lover’s Bay who does not belong here. She wants the ritual. Then she wants me dead. And she will take down any and everyone in my life to get what she wants.

As if that weren’t enough, the ritual has also summoned the anger of the Aeris, the four elements and most fundamental powers on earth. They have a surprise and an unbearable punishment for me – like stepping into the sun for the first time, only to be put into a cage. And now I have to make an impossible choice – between love or life, yearning or having, present or past…

The Good: I loved the flashes back to Lenah's vampire past. We really get to see what it was like for her throughout her time has a vampire, from the first day to the last when she had lost all feeling. If the entire romance angle of the book had been excluded, the book would have been a short story, not even a novella, but it would have been exciting and fun. Because the actual story beyond the romance had a decent mystery and a few decent twists.

The Bad:I have such an issue with girls who can't be alone. Must have a boyfriend. If they can't be with the guy they believe they love, they have no issue just using another in his place. While still pining for and at times actively pursuing their one true love. This is Lenah in a nutshell. She loves Rhode, but can't be with him. So she's with Justin, who loves her. Meanwhile, she's still in love with Rhode. Fixated on how he feels about her. It's something one might expect from someone insecure. Someone not all that worldly. Someone inexperienced with dealing with their feelings. Not something anywhere near acceptable coming from someone who's lived for 600 years. Lenah has failed to grow at all in her extremely long lifetime. If she could at least admit she was using Justin for attention, then fine, but she's almost completely convinced herself that Justin is enough. It's infuriating and makes her near unbearable to read.

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