Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Walking Dead, Vol. 20: All Out War Part 1 by Robert Kirkman

All Out War Part 1 by Robert Kirkman
2014, Image Comics
Series: Book 20 of The Walking Dead


Synopsis: The biggest storyline in Walking Dead history starts here! It's Rick versus Negan with a little help from everyone else!

The Good: A whole lot of action going on here, as there should be during a war. Rick has a surprisingly decent plan, especially surprising when we know from the last volume that this isn't a war they were actually prepared for before Rick went rage crazy. Negan is pushing himself to all new levels of skin-crawlingly disgusting yet still pretty hilarious. I have no idea how AMC is going to be able to portray him on the show at all, he's not even close to appropriate for TV, even cable TV.

The Bad: War means people will die. That should be heartbreaking. Except it really isn't when you can't remember who any of these people are. Minor characters die here, but it's more distracting than emotional when you have to stop and think who they are. It's not that their unrecognizable, but people start meaning a whole lot less when there are so many characters now. It really makes a reader miss the good old days when there was a core group and that was who you cared about and focused on.

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