Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Farewell to Yarns by Jill Churchill

Book Details
A Farewell to Yarns by Jill Churchill
Paperback, 214 pages
1991, Avon Books
ISBN: 0-380-76399-0
Series: Book 2 in the Jane Jeffry series

Life is hectic enough for suburban single mom Jane Jeffrey this Christmas season--what with her having to survive cutthroat church bazaar politics and finish knitting the afghan from Hell at the same time. The last thing the harried homemaker needs is an unwelcome visit from old acquaintance Phyllis Wagner and her ill-mannered brat of a teenage son. And the Wagner picture becomes even more complicated when a dead body is woven into the design.

Solving a murder, however, is a lot more interesting than knitting, so Jane's determined to sew the whole thing up. But with a plethora of suspects and the appearance of a second corpse, this deadly tapestry is getting quite complex indeed. And Jane has to be very careful not to get strangled herself by the twisted threads she's attempting to unravel.

I have read just about the entire Jane Jeffry Mystery series, but I had missed this, the second book. Being that I already knew things that happen years down the storyline, a lot of this book was very familiar. The mystery itself was new to me though. I had the suspects narrowed down to two, but wasn't sure who the killer was until it was revealed which is always a huge plus. I love the characters in this series and am glad that I went back to read this one.


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