Monday, November 23, 2009

What Your Mother Never Told You by Richard M. Dudum

Book Details
What Your Mother Never Told You by Richard M. Dudum
Paperback, 264 pages
2007, BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 1419678698

What Your Mother Never Told You was written to help teenage girls anticipate issues and to provide strategies to address those issues.

Our daughters are vulnerable when they are introduced to the real world without being adequately prepared. They are curious, playful, intelligent, and beautiful. They look and often act much older than their age. They are getting the wrong kind of attention much earlier than they should. They will find themselves in difficult situations that will test them over and over again. My efforts are focused on helping the girls to grow, to be strong, and to successfully deal with the realities that confront them today.

Over the years, I've taken the time to listen to teenagers and young adults, and I understand what they say. I've taught them communication skills and common sense strategies that are in this book. I offer them to you in What Your Mother Never Told You.

I tend to stay away from the self-help genre but since I have 3 daughters, I decided to give this book a read. I'm very open with my kids and didn't have a problem with any of the subject matter covered in the book. I believe girls need straightforward information about boys, drinking, drugs, etc. I liked the way the author didn't sugarcoat the facts of what a teenage girl will face in high school and college. What I didn't like was the authoritative tone the author took. Teenagers resent authority. Why would a teenager listen to an author if he was constantly telling her that she NEEDS to do something and she should NEVER do something else? While the information was exactly what a teenage girl needs to hear, it wasn't written in a way that a teenager would respond to and unfortunately I don't believe it would be effective.


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  1. It sounds well intentioned but not presented in the right way.

  2. Hm, thanks for the review. Lol, sounds quite hypocritical. Perhaps future editions will have better presentation. :)

  3. Hi Everyone. Thank you for your thoughts. I thought I would post a comment I received a few weeks ago from a college student who read the book. Her words seem to be applicable to your convo.

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    "In "What Your Mother Never Told You," Dudum addresses issues that many young women will not come to understand until after graduating high school (or even college). His advice regarding confidence, self-respect, individuality, and independence provides the underpinnings to his "guide for teenage girls," and offers direction that applies to both the purest and promiscuous girls. Dudum's advice may be in some sense paternal, but it is not naive or idealistic. He understands the modern obstacles that are being presented to young women today (online indecency, drugs, etc.) and speaks with first-hand experiences and examples. The guidance is relevant, insightful and to the point. Dudum sometimes apologizes for "being to blunt," but he really isn't. His words are relatable and honest--so you aren't just having "the talk" with your dad. Every young woman should pick up this book. There is something to take away for every type.

    Morgan, college sopohmore"