Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Killer Pancake by Diane Mott Davidson

Book Details
Killer Pancake by Diane Mott Davidson
Paperback, 368 pages
1996, Crimeline
ISBN: 0553572040
Series: Book 5 in the Goldy Schulz series

Caterer Goldy Schulz returns with another food-related adventure and more delectable recipes. Careful planning for a cosmetics firm's lowfat luncheon fails to prepare Goldy for the sudden death of a gorgeous sales associate who was caught in the midst of an animal-rights demonstration.

By book five, readers come to expect certain things within a series. In the case of the Goldy Culinary Mysteries, we expect both delicious sounding recipes, one of Goldy's loved ones to be suspected of murdering a fairly new character and Goldy getting involved way beyond what's considered acceptable and yet still managing to help solve the murder (thus clearing the loved one's name.) In Killer Pancake, the recipes are slightly less delicious sounding than usual. Maybe it's my personal bias against "healthy" food or maybe Turkey Curry and Raisin Rice and Hoisin Turkey with Roasted Pine Nuts in Lettuce Cups sound rather disgusting. Either way, the recipes were a disappointment for me. Goldy's assistant, Julian, is suspected of killing his pretty new girlfriend. Goldy gets nosy and ultimately saves the day. No huge shocks there. The mystery itself wasn't shocking, but I'll admit I didn't see it coming. Overall, Killer Pancake didn't quite work for me. The recipes set the tone in culinary mysteries and I couldn't make myself interested in food I would never ever eat.



  1. O sounds yummy and interesting to me. Thanks for the review :)

  2. Those recipes don't sound too appetizing to me, either. Too bad this book didn't work out for you!