Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ShapeShifter: The Demo Tapes: Year 1 by Susan Helene Gottfried

Book Details
ShapeShifter: The Demo Tapes: Year 1 by Susan Helene Gottfried
Paperback, 132 pages
2008, Lulu.com
ISBN: 0557023440

A band's demo tape is intended to introduce listeners to their music. Likewise, this collection of short pieces allows readers into the fictional world of Trevor Wolff and his band, ShapeShifter. From the day Trevor and Mitchell meet to the pinnacle of success, these loosely linked stories will let you hang with a rock band. Vive la Trevolution!

ShapeShifter: The Demo Tapes: Year 1 is a collection of short stories about band life. The focus in the stories seem to primarily be on Trevor, but my interest resided more with Mitchell. I may just be more of a lead singer type of girl though. This collection is like an appetizer to wet your appetite for the book, Trevor's Song, and it's very successful. It's fun, it's real, it's got some edge and it's totally rock and roll. It really made me want to read Trevor's Song. Year 1 was an easy read, written in a conversational tone that made it very relatable. If you were ever in a band or just dreamed of being in one, you'll love this insider look at ShapeShifter.


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  1. I love reading books about the music industry and peeking into what it's like to be in a band. I need to look into this one.

    Have you read So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star by Jacob Slichter? It's by the drummer of the band Semisonic and tells the story of the band's start, rise, and fall. So insightful about what happens to a band on a major label.


  2. Oh, I'm glad you loved it! I owe you a guest blog, too -- you've given me an idea of what to write about, so I'll get right on that.

    Best news: I'm working on bringing you Trevor's Song. Stay tuned!