Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Last Suppers by Diane Mott Davidson

Book Details
The Last Suppers by Diane Mott Davidson
Paperback, 272 pages
1995, Bantam Books
ISBN: 055357258X
Series: Book 4 in the Goldy Schulz series
Caterer Goldy Bear's wedding would have been perfect except for two minor problems--the priest is killed shortly before the wedding and her fiance, homicide detective Tom Schulz, is kidnapped from the scene of the crime. Frustrated with waiting for updates from the police, Goldy attempts to find out who ruined her wedding. Is the killer the organist, recently fired by the priest? Or the disgruntled theology student snubbed by the ordination board? Sandwiched between the suspense and Goldy's 10 gourmet recipes are layerings of criticism directed at organized religion. The scandals of Goldy's church snowball as she pursues the killer. Battles over church funds, building projects, and hymnal music lead to suspicious miracle healing and cleric egocentricity as well as corruptness.

Personally, if the priest was killed the day of my wedding, I would have took it as a bad omen. Goldy, as per usual, takes the chaos much better than could normally be expected in The Last Suppers. She was also a dealing with a kidnapped fiance that she is determined to save even if she has no solid leads and no reason to believe she is anything other than a distraction to the investigation. The Last Suppers is more hectic and frantic than most Goldy Culinary Mysteries and the emotions shown in the wake of the chaos are barely recognizable. At least the recipes, especially the Shrimp on Wheels and the Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake, sound delicious. There were some religious terms that never heard and couldn't find the motivation to look up, which isn't a good sign. It wasn't the greatest Goldy Culinary Mystery, but fans of the series will want to see for themselves what happened on Goldy and Tom's wedding day.


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  1. I read this book, along with many others in the series, years ago. I don't remember it well. I did really like Goldy's and Tom's characters, though -- I remember that much. :-)