Monday, February 8, 2010

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Book Details
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Paperback, 239 pages
2004, Warner Books
ISBN: 0446605239

In 1932, two North Carolina teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks fall in love. Spending one idyllic summer together in the small town of New Bern, Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson do not meet again for 14 years. Noah has returned from WWII to restore the house of his dreams, having inherited a large sum of money. Allie, programmed by family and the "caste system of the South" to marry an ambitious, prosperous man, has become engaged to powerful attorney Lon Hammond. When she reads a newspaper story about Noah's restoration project, she shows up on his porch step, re-entering his life for two days. Will Allie leave Lon for Noah?

The Notebook is a fairly well-known story as it was the basis of the wildly successful movie of the same name. I was happy to find that the movie didn't stray too far from the heart of the book. The Notebook is a beautiful, heart-breaking story and the characters Noah and Allie are utterly convincing in their love for one another. The last paragraph threw me and brought my final rating of the book down slightly. The novel was so beautiful and romantic and I felt the last "unbuttoning" cheapened the message a little.

The Notebook is amazingly detailed and heartfelt for such a short book. It's ability to invoke such deep feeling, compassion and complete understanding of its characters make reading it an experience to be treasured. I am in no way a romantic at heart, but even I found the story to be very touching. I also found it rather flowery and full of an abundance of poetry that didn't speak to my hardened heart, but could very likely leave a romantic personality completely smitten.


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  1. I loved The Notebook. Nicholas Sparks' books are always so heartfelt. Great review :)

  2. Oh how I love both this book and the movie. Although it has been awhile since I read the book as I can't seem to remember the ending and what you referred to. Looks like I'm going to have to give this one a reread :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I really liked this movie, but never felt the desire to read the book. Maybe i should rethink that. Great review!

  4. Oh I loved the book and movie, the movie is an all time favourite, LOVED IT.

  5. I did the ugly cry (sob, sob, hiccup, hiccup, gasp, choke, explain to husband "thhhhattt wasss suuuchhh a (insert sob, hiccup, gasp) goood moovvie") when watching that movie. I think I maybe just be inspired to read the book now to!