Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Til Death Do Us Part by Kate White

Book Details
'Til Death Do Us Part by Kate White
Paperback, 384 pages
2005, Vision
ISBN: 0446614939
Series: Book 3 of Bailey Weggins

True crime writer and sometime-sleuth Bailey Weggins took the world by storm in Kate White's sexy and suspenseful debut novel, If Looks Could Kill. Now, in Bailey's latest outing, she takes the plunge into a world of domestic divas and deadly nuptial doings... When she gets a call from Ashley Hanes on a frigid night, Bailey expects to be hit up for fashion show tickets. Instead Ashley reveals that two bridesmaids from Peyton Cross's wedding have recently died in freak accidents...and Ashley is terrified she's next. A bridesmaid herself-with the dress to prove it-Bailey dashes off to Ivy Hill Farm, the home of Peyton's catering empire in Greenwich, Connecticut. Bailey's barely warmed up after the cold drive before another bridesmaid takes a walk down the aisle of no return. Now following a dangerous trail of clues that will take her from New York's trendy Lower East Side to a fabulous oceanfront hotel in Miami, Bailey could become the headline of the next true crime story: Four Funerals and a Wedding.

'Til Death Do Us Part, the third book in the Bailey Weggins' series, puts Bailey in the scariest position ever - she's a bridesmaid. Making matters worse, the bride's become nasty and someone is killing off the rest of the bridesmaids. Bailey, of course, investigates.

I love this series and the whole wedding aspect made the story that much more interesting for me. 'Til Death Do Us Part is written in the same fast-paced yet light style as the previous books and with each book Kate White manages to write an even craftier mystery.

Bailey is still fierce and independent in 'Til Death Do Us Part, but she's not as humorously assertive as she had been previously. I'm not sure if the softening of the character was in relation to the more subdued nature of Connecticut as opposed to New York or if this was a more conscious, permanent shift. I hope it was more about location because Bailey's ability to stand-up for herself while still keeping the mood light is one of her major appealing qualities.

'Til Death Do Us Part is a great addition to a series you definitely don't want to miss.



  1. This sounds like light-hearted fun. I've never heard of the author before so off to Goodreads to add it to my wishlist!

  2. Great review! I am going to check this series out on Goodreads.....