Thursday, June 3, 2010

Motor City Fae by Cindy Spencer Pape

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Motor City Fae by Cindy Spencer Pape
eBook, 388 KB (about 226 pages)
2010, Carina Press*

Detroit artist Meagan Kelly has had a strong sixth sense all her life, but that doesn't mean the gorgeous stranger's crazy story—that she's a half-elf, half human heiress—is true. But Meagan can't deny the evidence of her own eyes—he's Fae. A tall, blond, handsome, pointy-eared elf—and a man she just can't get enough of.

Ric Thornhill's assignment just got a lot more complicated. The more time he spends with Meagan, the harder it is to see her as a political tool to prevent an all-out war between humans and Fae.

Now Meagan's in a race to master her newly released powers in time to prevent the conflict, convince a jealous Queen not to strip Ric of his powers, and find out if she can build a life that straddles two worlds.

Book I of Urban Arcana

Motor City Fae was a light, fun and carefree read with extremely likable characters. I felt as though I had known the characters forever. Each time a new character was introduced, I cared about them wholeheartedly.

There were many erotic sex scenes in this book and the sex was absolutely necessary to the storyline. It was pretty damn hot, too. I'm just not sure it was really necessary for Megan and Ric to have sex so many times. Two or three times would have made the point without making me want to skim past the umpteenth sex scene to get back to the plot.

Supernatural species were very well represented. The story was primarily fae, hence the title, but we also encountered werewolves, witches, brownies, ogres, trolls and more. Truly the full spectrum.

The story is a basic one - guy searches for girl, tells her she's a fae heiress, danger ensues and along the ride, they find they've fallen in love. Replace fae heiress for any other possible revelation, and you've got the plot of a million other books. The major important difference here is that Motor City Fae is so very addictive. The flow of the story made it rather easy to fall into.

The story was a happy one. That isn't to say the story was upbeat or without conflict. It had sweet moments, but mostly it felt warm and natural. Some very clever turns helped the book from seeming completely familiar. Motor City Fae was a feel-good romance. It was peppy and kept a smile on my face throughout the entire story.


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  1. Lol. I think I fall in love with any Fae related book. I'm reading the Iron King right now if that says ANYTHING about my obsession. Haha. This sounds really good! I hate it when authors get too happy with the sex scenes. Just really?! Still sounds good though!

  2. I'm not very advanced when it comes to erotic sex scenes, it's the words that are used that mean I usually end up squirming and wriggling with embarrassment, and too much it would probably tip me over the edge LOL, but the premise of this book sounds good.

  3. This is on my TBR for this weekend as a pick up from Net Galley! Now I am really looking forward to it :)

  4. Thumbs up Cindy, way to go. Congrats on a wonderful review and book.

  5. First of all, thanks to Reading with Tequila for the review! I really appreciate your time and effort. The book is definitely on the spicy side. :-)